75 motivierende und inspirierende Zitate über den Erfolg im Leben

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I couldn’t have included the Juicing movement on my blog, which has given me a constant motivation and a different perspective.

If I had to go straight to the point, I would say it was a little indirect way for me to meet Juicing. While I was a little bit familiar with the Alkaline Diet book, which I read in vegetable juices a long time ago, I didn’t know much about how important it was. A few months ago, while I was looking for resources for my curiosity about the effects of raw nutrition on the body, I decided to search for more green drinks by reading Victoria Boutenko’s “Green for Life”. Although the book focused on pure greens and smoothies rather than juice, the effects and references on the human being (I’ll touch on the difference soon) were so impressive that it was impossible to remain indifferent.

23 Tiefe und inspirierende Zitate – – #Werbung #tief #Anspornen #Zitate – Broo… – #Anspornen

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